Aerosoft – CRJ 700/900 X v1.0.3.0 Rev. 307

Aerosoft – CRJ 700/900 X v1.0.3.0 Rev. 307

[New version for FSX/FSX:SE/P3Dv3/P3Dv4]

– [Fixed] Drawing of line to DIR-TO waypoint
– [Changed] Allowed outbound turn for arc legs (up to 20 degrees before end of arc instead of 10 degrees as before)
– [Added] HGS clipping polygon for attitude elements
– [Fixed] Stutters on flightplans which contain DME Arcs
– [Changed] Maximum autopilot bank angle is now at 30 degrees during LNAV-flown SIDs, STARs and approaches. Otherwise it remains at 25 degrees
– [Fixed] Arcs should now be flown better
– [Fixed] HGS pitch scale
– [Fixed] HGS flight path vector
– [Fixed] HGS flight director
– […] More work on LNAV.
– [Fixed] Waypoint switching and FROM waypoint drawing changed
– [Fixed] Actual N1 slightly lower than commanded N1
– [Fixed] Left PFD CDI (nav source FMS)
– [Fixed] FA announcement “Landing abort” no longer playing on ground
– [Added] New GSX files (please test!)
– [Changed] DAVE: Buttons for stair railings are now disabled while main door is opening/closing
– [Fixed] FA: Seatbelts OFF announcement after C&D -> Battery ON
– [Fixed] Door control now compatible with GSX and similar tools
– [Fixed] GPWS Mode 2 terrain closure rate calculation
– [Fixed] Barometer flashing until TA is passed (if TL != TA)
– [Fixed] Cabin Secure announcement no longer plays after landing
– [Added] GNSS CTL page on FMS INDEX page
– [Added] GNSS STATUS page
– [Added] SBAS Service page
– [Added] NPA RAIM page
– [Added] 5 minute cooldown periods for “after landing” FA announcements
– [Fixed] PFD/MFD Bearing pointers…. again
– [Fixed] Flaps 20 max speed for -700 changed from 220 to 230 knots (not model yet!)
– [Deleted] Old LNAV
– [Added] New LNAV



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