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    Possible wind shear due to its location right on a cliff line, no instrument landing system and a steep turn before the final approach – Funchal Madeira is considered a very demanding airport.
    The add-on Madeira X Evolution is a challenge for virtual pilots to prove their landing skills. Besides the main airport at Funchal, featuring lots of details with the terminal being in the state of spring 2016, we´ve also included the oldest airport of the archipelago on Porto Santo.
    The picturesque archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean was recreated with photo realistic textures, custom height mesh and extensive Autogen. Bridges, wind turbines, and more detailed VFR objects are as beneficial for immersion as the dynamic traffic and animations, e.g. for the wind hoses. Additionally, Madeira X Evolution features SODE 3D dynamic lead-in lighting.
    The add-on is also compatible with AI Traffic, GSX and SODE v1.4.2.
    Photo realistic island coverage with custom height mesh
    Highly detailed Airport Funchal Madeira (LPMA)
    Airport Port Santo (LPPS) from the previous version
    New changes made to the terminal finished in spring 2016
    Dozens of detailed VFR objects (bridges, animated wind turbines, plants, people, cars etc.)
    Animated windsocks
    Detailed Autogen covering the whole island
    Dynamic traffic
    SODE 3D dynamic lead-in lighting (LDIN)
    AI Traffic compatibility
    GSX (latest version) and SODE v1.4.2 compatibility
    Extensive manual and charts

    Note: uso este cenario em lpps no meu p3d esta todo com buracos testem
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