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  • [FSX/P3D] MJC8 Q400 Cockpit Sound Immersion HD
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    All sounds included in this product are recorded in the real airplane, and were carefully processed to provide an authentic flight deck environment. Our goal was simple - to develop a soundpack that will mimic the sound environment we experienced on a real flight deck, hence we spent most of the time working exactly on that area.
    Additionally we received extensive feedback from real Q400 pilots and other relevant people that spent a lot of time on the jump seat, thus we believe that we achieved new level of sound realism using Majestic's truly fantastic add-on.

    * The soundpack will replace all default sounds, except announcements and music. *


    - Authentic engine sounds
    - New N1 (turbine) sound with correct pitch
    - New switches
    - Authentic levers
    - High quality GPWS callouts
    - New TCAS
    - Authentic warning sounds
    - New ground roll noise with authentic controls rattle
    - New authentic cockpit/nose gear wind noise
    - Authentic avionics, packs, external APU, Chime, GPU unit, wipers, stickshaker.
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